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Joel Bisson I love all the tracks but The Puppeteer (No Strings Attached) here's my friend Jacek's song, Traum of Traumatize and Cold Therapy.

To give you an idea, supporting one child costs us 360 Euro per year.

We want to continue supporting several children, so every donation is more than welcome.

App includes four different babies and is available in these 17 languages: English.

Heartwarming music and sound effects round out this earliest of educational experiences.

Multi-Lingual Mode: You can select multiple languages for the voice to say words, perfect for bi-lingual families or parents who want their baby to speak more than one language in today's global world.

FEATURESRecording Studio: You can record your own voice to say the words. Video Recording: You can video record your baby learning words and share the memory via Facebook, Twitter and Email. A little too hard for my 8 month old to select points, but it held his attention for at least 3 minutes on the first try. Baby Play List: You can select the background music your baby likes most from our library of original tracks.It fired and sent a bullet straight through her mouth.Baigrie miraculously survived the shooting, and it took 40 dental procedures over the course of a decade for her to heal.The free compilation, counting 52 tracks, is available now via Bandcamp.