Face match dating service

It also takes location into account, so someone can find a match within a specific area.

“The app is smart enough to extract features from these faces,” he said.

“And remember when you get rejected, it’s not about you, it’s about your face shape.” Well, no pressure there.

Nearly 50,000 singles have joined the free site since its soft launch last year (the official July 10 launch at STK in the Meatpacking District will feature celebrity face matching underscored by DJ Samantha Ronson).

But Three Day Rule isn't like most dating services.

Instead of personality quizzes or a swiping interface, it uses machine learning and facial recognition software to find clients matches.

“Research does show we are attracted to people who look similar to us.” She says physical similarity can lend a sense of familiarity and safety to potential mates.

A recent test drive turned up 88 quirky face matches of various ages, races and levels of cuteness.Three Day Rule's CEO, Talia Goldstein, explains on a recent episode of our podcast Codebreaker: "It would be so nice if I could just snap a photo, it recognizes your face, and then tells me information about you," she says."And then, in person I can say, 'Oh I see that you're into X Y and Z.Of the 6,000 New York-area current members, 55 percent are male.Bloom says FYFM goes beyond the conscious eye, matching potential mates along a 63-point facial feature grid.Founded in 2013, the startup believes people are attracted to particular face shapes.