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That being said, this means that we no longer will get two separate storylines.

This time, Once Upon a Time season 6 will be an extended story over the course of 22 episodes.

The star shared the first image of her and boyfriend Eric Bilitch's newborn after giving birth exactly a month ago. "At the risk of sounding obnoxious, it's the most wonderful thing in the world being her Mum," de Ravin, who portrays Belle on the hit ABC series, gushed to a fan on her account.

Weeks earlier, Bilitch teased fans with a glimpse of just the cherub's pint-sized toes.Bilitch echoed his leading lady's sentiment on social media.She starred as Emily, the heroin-addicted ex-girlfriend of Brendan Frye, in the neo-noir film Brick (2005).She had a cameo in Public Enemies (2009) and more recently starred in Remember Me (2010).As Robert Pattinson continues to make the media rounds, his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin is praising the actor at every turn.

Asked in general about the Twilight Saga stud, the Austrlian beauty told E!

Speaking about the success of Lost, she said: "It's sort of hard to say.

You read something and have a good feeling about it, it sounds great, ties nicely together and then shooting something, editing it, the music, the actors involved, everything sort of plays a huge part.

"Vera Audrey de Ravin-Bilitch born March 12th 2016. “I wanted to share some exciting news..& @ericbilitch are expecting a baby!!

' Tis truly a dream come true and we could not be happier," wrote the star, who plays Belle on ABC’s fairy-tale show.

"100% greatest feeling in the world is your baby falling asleep on your chest.