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I use the "Generate Setting" feature to edit the local on my pc.

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The only artifacts shown are the Artifactory's local ones. Eclipse show the following error: Unable to update index for repo1| 's log show: "Successfully saved index file '/repositories/remote-repos/.index/nexus-maven-repository-index.gz' and index info '/repositories/remote-repos/.index/nexus-maven-repository-index.properties'." I can't read any errors on log. I also did not found the index-file when i visited the url with a browser, though there was such an index- file in remote repos (i.e. Therefore i conclude that the artifactory-2.3 does not produces index-files for virtual-repos.I found this related bug: https://issues.jfrog.org/jira/browse/RTFACT-469 Support m2e indexes for virtual repositories which says it has been fixed from ver 2.1.0, but i'm not sure if 'm2e' indexes are the same as 'nexus' ones.hi, i am facing a situation where my eclipse indigo is "Unable to update index for central| i am using an external maven 3.0.3 installation and i am definitely not behind any proxy also my networking configuration in eclipse is all set to direct. If that works, you can copy over your projects from the old workspace to the new. Try creating a new workspace and create a Maven project in that workspace and see if that works. The only thing I can think of is that your workspace is corrupt.

If you run mvn from the command line, does it download JARs without any problems? I assume not based on the repository URL you provided.

I have installed Artifactory 2.3.1 on Ubuntu Server.

I'd like to use it from m2eclipse plugin on Eclipse Ide.

Two years ago I wrote two blog entries about using Maven repository indexes in IDE: "Need a Jar? For example, "Open Maven POM..." and "Open Type from Maven..." actions are now available from the main Navigate view in Eclipse and they allow to search an then view POMs and Java classes for the artifacts deployed to Maven repositories.

We have made few small additions to the UI here and there.

Installing Nexus should not have any bearing on this problem.