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Reliving these memories can be painful for some but, luckily for these families, the money they can win will heal their pain.

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Deborrah Cooper gained underground acclaim through her 18-year career of relationship advice counseling, conducting seminars and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a producer and host of ”Heart Beat,” a cable television talk show in Oakland, California. I understand how some might find humor in the author's responses.

She was a frequent on-air guest at KMEL 106.1 radio and guest columnist on AOL’s Net Noir channel. Cooper has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine, on CNN, and interviewed for Ebony, Essence, Honey and dozens of other regional and national publications and radio programs. Heart Beat,” has penned hundreds of articles and provided relationship advice to millions on her groundbreaking Ask Heart Beat. However, I was disappointed in the demeaning tone her advice takes on.

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him being a CONVICT), but there are also some potential perks. If/when he gets out, he'll be an expert at doing laundry.2. He'll never leave his socks on the floor or the toothpaste uncapped.4. If you buy him baked goods from the grocery story and claim they're yours, he'll never know the difference.8. The "I've been thinking of leaving my toothbrush and a change of underwear at your place" conversation never has to happen.10. If you're into exhibitionism, you can pretend the guards are listening in on you during your conjugal visits.13. You'll always have one over him in an argument — "I may have cheated on you, but at least I'm not a convicted felon!

The once-a-month conjugal visit sex will be amazing, given all that pent-up sexual energy.5.

While not quite as intricately plotted as either of the first two editions, the third may have the greatest abundance of memorable characters matched perfectly to the performers playing them.

Coupled with a couple of bigger-picture themes that carry over the season as a whole (the unslakeable consumptive urge of capitalism, whether human nature is fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, and even a bit of a comment on the nature of truth that resonates with our current political moment), this season was as satisfying a season of TV as any this year.

im dating a convict and dont know what to do anymore, our realtionship is draining me emotionily and now pyshicaly. and why do you guys think people see our age difference as "wrong"??

i cant see myself with anyone else but him, i know he needs me at this time, but its seeing how my friends and family frown uppon our relationship thats making me feel indifferent bout it, we've been together 23 months now dispite all the hate coming from everyone.

he is 27 and im only 18, we started dating when i was 16 and he was 25, this is another reason my family and friends dont favor him, they see it as "wrong" and i dont get why.!!