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They may also be bound by religious implications of marriage and there are many other reasons related to preserving the relationship to consider. Ending an intimate relationship is almost always difficult, but even more so when the victim's/survivor's self-confidence has been destroyed by abuse/r. This contrite behavior may include promising never to hit again, agreeing to seek counseling if the victim/survivor promises not to leave, reminding the victim/survivor of how hard the perpetrator works, pointing out the incredible stresses under which s/he is operating, acknowledging the wrongfulness of his/her violence to the children and asking their help in stopping it, and demonstrating his/her love for the victim/survivor in meaningful ways.Believes the Myths about Domestic Violence Victims/survivors of domestic violence may assume that violence in an unavoidable part of their life. Since victims/survivors have often built their lives around the relationship, they hope for change.After putting the Ambassadors in teams she guided them through a role play activity called In Their Shoes.

Twenty-four ambassadors between the ages of 13-18 learned about teen dating violence, healthy relationships, personal branding, and fundraising.

The Project’s Legal Director, Bronwyn Blake, facilitated the Healthy Relationships course.

We are Northern California’s first and only Jewish agency dedicated solely to ending domestic violence in the Jewish community.

Shalom Bayit Herstory: the whole Megillah Shalom Bayit began as a consensus-based grassroots collective that formed in 1992 to fill a critical gap in Bay Area domestic violence services: culturally relevant support for Jewish battered women, and prevention/education efforts targeting the Jewish community.

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She loves you; she hates you; you’re the only one for her; maybe it’s not working out.This is the true meaning of , and the essence of building safe and healthy families.Mission and Goals Shalom Bayit’s mission is to foster the social change and community response necessary to eradicate domestic violence in the Jewish community.In the first training I learned valuable lessons on how to recognize different forms of abuse.I never knew making threats like ‘I will hurt myself if you don’t go out with me or if you break up with me.’ is a form of abuse.The inspiration for our formation came from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).