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Drugs and alcohol make it harder to keep your emotions in check and to make the right choices.

Physically violent men reported more abuse from each parent, greater alcohol use, anxious attachment, and a longer relationship.

Their female partner reported more childhood abuse by the father and reciprocal perpetrated violence.

Often, they start with teasing, or periods of jealously or being controlling.

But as with many unhealthy behaviors, over time it can get worse.

My Student Body is a comprehensive approach to reducing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse and sexual violence among college students.

My Student Body engages students and parents in effective, evidence-based prevention and gives administrators the data to target, evaluate, and strengthen prevention initiatives.

Random coefficients growth models were used to examine the main and interaction effects of heavy alcohol use and four measures of violence (family violence, friend dating violence, friend peer violence and neighborhood violence) on levels of physical dating violence perpetration across grades 8 through 12.

The effects of heavy alcohol use on dating violence tended to diminish over time and were stronger in the spring than in the fall semesters.

This study demonstrates the importance of considering how each individual's characteristics within a dyad contribute to increased propensity for dating violence.

Jul, 2014 by Robert Hunt in Alcohol & Drug Abuse A recent study surveyed close to 4,100 teens between the ages of 14 to 20 who recently visited an emergency room in a suburban community.

It happens when one person intentionally hurts the other—or when they both do it to each other. And it has real consequences for a person’s health, today and in the future.