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It teaches followers to avoid the "Five Thieves" (lust, rage, greed, attachment and conceit).Hand in hand, secular life is considered to be intertwined with the spiritual life.Asians4Asians is a new, exciting way to meet single Asians from the UK.

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Guru Nanak taught that living an "active, creative, and practical life" of "truthfulness, fidelity, self-control and purity" is above the metaphysical truth, and that the ideal man is one who "establishes union with God, knows His Will, and carries out that Will".

Sikhism is a relatively recent religion, that evolved in times of religious persecution.

Two of the Sikh gurus – Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh Bahadur, after they refused to convert to Islam, were tortured and executed by the Mughal rulers.

Adherents of Sikhism are known as Sikhs, which means students or disciples of the Guru.

The hajoori may be from 8 to 12 inches wide or the full width of turban cloth.