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Consider turkey, elk, deer, and bear hunting, or visit one of many nearby Indian pueblos, Spanish missions, and Indian ruins.

Golden aspen grace the high country from September to October and snow blankets Santa Fe Ski Basin in winter.

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The SWJM Collaborative Landscape Restoration Project is a long-term collaborative effort to restore forest ecosystems in the Jemez Mountains and improve their resilience to major disturbances, including fire, insects and disease, and climate change.In addition to the Santa Fe NF, lead partners include the Valles Caldera National Preserve, US Geological Survey, Pueblo of Jemez, Forest Stewards Guild, New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute, The Nature Conservancy, New Mexico Forest Industry Association, and Wild Earth Guardians.Practical experience to successfully negotiate a sell or purchase.Hands on experience with technology that is increasingly crucial when buying or selling.This video describes the complexities of the past and the planning for the future of three northern New Mexico forests as they go through Forest Plan Revision.

Special thanks to the Carson National Forest for producing this video.

Santa Fe Balloons is one of the Top 5 outdoor activities to experience in Santa Fe.

You’ll soar over a vast open area called “Las Barrancas” (The Ravines) where the southwestern landscape is your backdrop.

She works a few days a week at a gallery that sells work from more than 400 Native American artists.

Her own pottery is shown at another gallery where she works one day a week.

Having a member of the community there to support you is priceless!