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The PHP runtimes have OPcache enabled for improved performance, with a configuration optimized for the specific characteristics of Heroku’s dynos.

Heroku currently allows installation of the following experimental, unsupported runtimes: ” will always get you the latest 7.0.x release, which will be fully compatible with other releases from the 7.0 series (but may contain security or performance updates), but not 7.1.0 or later.

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Just head on over to our forum and we’ll help you out.In addition to the forum there is always lots going on around the Perch Community.Updates and upgrades are provided at no additional cost to customers having purchased yearly maintenance for their ACD/Labs software.As part of the new Extended Life Cycle Policy, the frequency at which ACD/Labs releases upgrades is as follows: Rolling online updates will be released as they become available, and will be delivered using our online update server.* These updates will offer user-experience enhancements, new capabilities, and bug fixes.Dating violence has become an issue of increasing concern to researchers and practitioners over the past three decades.

This paper considers how dating violence is defined, what its consequences are, and what can be done about it.Heroku’s PHP support extends to applications using PHP 5.5 (64-bit), PHP 5.6 (64-bit), PHP 7.0 (64-bit) or PHP 7.1 (64-bit).The support for PHP release series on the Heroku platform follows the PHP Group’s support policy, typically with active updates for two years after an initial x.y.0 version, followed by a year of security updates.Patches and enhancements will be developed for the current major version only.No new updates will be made available for prior versions.We’ve tried to gather some of that activity together on this page.