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Public Transport Museum Located at the tram depot in Prague’s Střešovice quarter, this unique collection contains nearly 40 historic public transport vehicles as well as models, photographs, historical documents, tickets and plans.

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National Technical Museum in Prague There are 8 permanent exhibitions in the main building of the museum and approximately 5,000 exhibits.

Its route ran to Lažanskýplatz (now called Moravské náměstí, or Moravian Square) in the north of the city center, which was still at the time an independent municipality known as Královo Pole.

Its operator was the 'Brno Tramway Society' for passenger and cargo transportation.

In the Brno dialect of the Czech language, the word for tram is ‘šalina’.

The origins of this word can be traced to the German expression ‘Elektrische Linie’ (electric lines).The Czechs very rich cultural heritage and people from Czech Republic are very proud of their history and traditions.People from Czech Republic are very polite and friendly.Mine exhibition in Chrustenice colliery Many unique exhibits from the glorious period of mining and quarry mining in this area have been assembled in hundreds of metres of corridors.A ride aboard a mine train is part of the exhibition tour. Your experience extends well beyond a single lifetime. And his survival depends upon himself and his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe. “Starting my own business, things started getting better, I bought my own house...