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Before the Internet, men would have to browse catalogues instead of browsing through a computer.

Often, they had to travel to the lady’s country to have access to the catalogue.

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Nowadays, there are still countries with a substantial demographic imbalance and generally speaking, it is the women who outnumber the men.For example, the last Russian Census revealed that women outnumbered men by approximately 10 million.The dating service collect personal information from the members who need to first register with them and then match them with that of a suitable candidate.Dating sites have growing due to the huge popularity of the service.Welcome to Dating Directory a site made for singles designed to gather dating apps, sites and services grouping them into simple categories.

Our aim is to ensure you get connected with reputable service providers for the UK dating indurstry.

Onine Dating Tips from Harmony Dating Dating online is not new; it is however a business that’s changing and evolving with new players and technology’s changing the way the game is played. Feel free to browse Directory and choose the right site for your needs.

Since the late 1990’s when the internet started to take off in a big way online dating .. The question of alternative search is very important today that's why we created this directory.

The professional matchmaker has now moved online and has quickened the process.

The online dating sites also make it possible to check out the pictures and details of the person before going on a real date.

Dates may be fixed up by a third party (close friends or relatives).