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Its name was taken from the word latten, meaning brass which became the lantern clock’s standard material.Lantern clocks originated in 1500 but only became popular in the 16th century resembling candle lamps.Often a heavy, elongated, highly ornamented pendulum bob extends up the case L'horloge comtoise est une horloge à pendule fabriquée en Franche-Comté, et plus particulièrement à Morez et Morbier dans le Haut Jura, à partir de la fin du du xviie siècle et dont la fabrication industrielle s’est arrêtée au début du xxe siècle.Make a stylish statement to house guests with our beautifully designed door bells and doorbell button selection. This is by far the finest Long Case clock I have in my collection. Unusual in that one has the option of bell or gong strike combinations and night time silent option. I have a preference for ‘functionality’ with clocks that I collect.

It has a Westminster chime on 5 tubes, a second hand, and a moon phase. The case is exceptional, heavily carved oak with panel sides. The movement is an authentic French handmade Comtoise Morbier. They seemed to have been a trend in the UK throughout the 1930’s & 40’s.

Unusual in that most endless chain / rope clocks are 30 hour movements.

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Most publications tell us a lot about the Comtoise itself, but only a few dig deeper into its origins and even less thought is given to the places where this clock was conceived and developed during that period.

A heavy, elongated and highly ornamented pendulum bob extends up the case and a wooden sheath protects the metal mechanism.

These new Optima arresters join an impressive list of advances that. Vintage wooden Telephone extension unit with brass bells, no handpiece. This unique specimen has a quarter stroke on three bells. Hillsboro, Ohio, and started an American tradition.