Dating changchun china

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Cabrios seem to have had chassis numbers allocated before Karmann finished them, so the date of manufacture is later than the chassis indicates.

Generally speaking, people in northeast China is quite straightforward, honest and hospitable. And is it really true that we should have shipped in our household goods enough toothpaste/shampoo/etc. Hi Annat, Yes the winter in the North East is long and cold, but it is also very dry and you will usually see snow. You can buy brilliant, long down-filled coats to keep out the cold.

Yes winter there is longer and colder than many other places, but summer is quite comfortable!! Just like other provincial capital cities, Changchun has lots of shopping streets and world level supermarkets like Wal Mart,etc...... Things like food, housing ( although our housing would be paid for) Western-style clothing, transportation?

If your VW is pre-70 model year (pre-Aug 69), you will not find the production plate, and you will have to contact one of the addresses above, or estimate it from a comparison of chassis numbers. The factory paint code figures for this should be 07 (Brilliant Orange) and 06 (Pastel white) but I see no certain indication of that.

I think some numbers on the plate are the factory extras fitted.

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We offer on-the-ground professional investigation services throughout China, with excellent customer service and accountability.) :- Beetles with chassis number up to 1132438833 (normal) or 1332438833 (Super) Buses up to 2*32102496 (where * is a single digit representing the model type).Type 3s up to 3132058500 (Fastback/Notchback) or 3632058500 (Squareback) Type 4s (412s) up to about 4132040000 (more details needed to tie this one down).Everywhere has central heating (not like here in the south) and so when you're at home/work etc you shouldn't feel the cold.I visited Changchun and really liked the city very much.China is one of the oldest cultures in the world and they have been practicing a form of sport in one way or another for a long time.