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So, it is the best day to spend some quality time with your girlfriend and give priority to her. If you want to be a unique, then you have to think about some special and unique ideas for wishing your girlfriend on her birthday.

Taking your time flirting and looking at these beautiful Thai girls is the exciting part of the nightlife adventure you will have. There are plenty of gorgeous Thai woman, especially in Pattaya where there are thousands of Pattaya bar girls.Perhaps you are already one of the many Pattaya addicts who visit Thailand frequently.In 2011, a 44-year-old woman from New Zealand experienced loss of movement in her left arm and was taken to hospital.According to media reports from the time doctors suspected she had had a stroke but couldn’t work out why, until they noticed a bruise on the right side of her neck, left by a love bite.But he never foresaw how her flirtation would play out if left unchecked. “Come on in, Cindy is still getting ready.” “What’s up, Bob? Cindy walked in wearing black skin tight leggings with thin red zebra stripes and a little leather hippie vest that left her midriff exposed. ” she asked, putting her finger in her mouth suggestively. ” Then she turned and bent over slightly so that Dave and Bob could get a good look at her rear.

“Hey Dave,” she said languidly, cocking her hip sexily. Her leggings clung revealingly to her round butt cheeks leaving nothing to the imagination. “I don’t need one, you can’t see my nips through this leather.” Cindy cupped her large round boobs in her hands and gripped them.They concluded the suction from the love bite had damaged a major artery and formed a blood clot, which travelled to her heart and caused a minor stroke.The relationship is one of the basic needs, apart from the shelter, food, oxygen and water for leading a happy and a satisfied life. But, in case of problem, if you are the holder of the rights, send me an e-mail and I will remove your book. It seems that the distribution of all those files is authorized (no disclaimer nor copyright).According to Mexican media reports, doctors believe the suction of the love bite resulted in a blood clot, which travelled to Mr Gonzalez’s brain and caused the stroke.