Dating an omega seamaster wrist watch

This buyers guide is just meant to be a little reference for you for buying the watch for the right condition, a good service and ofcourse the right price.

All Seamaster 30 watches feature a circular stainless steel case with signed Omega crown and a solid caseback with the hippocampus logo.The overall aesthetic, with thin hour indices and a clean undecorated dial, was similar to that of other Omega dress watches including the well-known De Ville.The case number usually takes the form “nnn.nnnn” — where “n” is a digit, so an example might be “198.0002”.It is not always four digits after the decimal place; sometime there are only three digits.Omega’s 30mm hand-wound movements proved exceedingly popular and were produced in large quantity in the mid twentieth century, ending with Calibre 269.

The first Seamaster 30 watches used Calibre 286 (created in 1961), a 17-jewel movement with 42-hour power reserve and sweep seconds.

One of the most useful publications to decipher Omega Case Numbers is the “Omega Dressings Component Catalogue”.

It is not easy to find a copy but from this catalogue you can perform all sorts of cross-referencing: cases-to-crystals, crowns-to-cases, cases-to-calibres and many other permutations.

While the Omega Seamaster range was created in 1948, the first Omega Seamaster 30 wasn’t introduced until 1962.

The “30” in the model name refers not to the depth of water resistance, but instead to the size of the movement.

Once you found the watch you wanted or the watch with the right price/value rating, you have to do some research on prices.