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Hell, I put more intellectual value in Flav’s “so get up get, get get down/911 is a joke in yo town” lyrics than Carson’s “Obamacare is worse than slavery” comments.

The idea that any person—man or woman—should be exclusively or predominantly judged by their intellectual acumen while effectively ignoring how reprehensible, annoying, or ignorant they are, is stupid.

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Women's alcohol consumption can even be predicted from their scores in school tests taken when they are as as young as five.Women who achieved "medium" or "high" test marks as schoolgirls are up to 2.1 times more likely to drink daily as adults.With increased personal and professional autonomy, women—especially Black women—have made incredible leaps in entrepreneurial eminence, career success, and academic achievement.In fact, Black women constitute the most educated group in America.I saw on a show that more black women that attend college are more likely to marry white men because the lack of black men in college that meet their standards. Take a look at who produced the show and what their audience is and what the audience would like to hear.

They say on average the black women to men in college is 7:1.

My brother is 23 and has a Bachelors degree, and he is really interested in a woman who has a Masters (I'm not sure what field, though). I've never met this woman but I know they went out last night so I guess he moved past this dilemma, lol.

I know she's interested in him as well, but he's hesitant to pursue anything with her because he feels like he is not smart enough for her, especially since she's now a Ph D candidate. I told him to stop worrying about all of that that and to just go out with her and have fun. I totally agree that intelligence should not be measured by what kind of degree you have.

The authors of the report, Francesca Borgonovi and Maria Huerta, suggest several possible explanations as to why better-educated women drink more.

They tend to have children later, postponing the responsibilities of parenthood.

Unfortunately, it's how people tend to gauge intelligence.