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There are several significant problems with the argument, however, including that the relevant scientific studies were contradicted soon after they were published.

While the creation model can account for some changes in Earth’s rotational speed over time, we probably do not require any to answer the Paleozoic coral banding challenge. Coral skeleton collected from ‘Meeder’s Reef’, a fossil reef buried under sandy soil about 5 km (3 miles) inland, near Naples, Florida.

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A brilliant stretch of white beach dotted by copious lush vegetation, popular back-packers, hotels and resorts still line its beautiful shore.

The place that started it all is the Korolevu Beach Hotel.

The Coral Coast is an 80km (50 mile) stretch of small beaches and bays along the southern coast of Fiji's main island - Viti Levu.

You can't miss the large coral reef that dominates views from the shoreline, offering endless opportunites to beachcomb and explore underwater nooks and crannies.

the intersection between the wave cut platform and the former cliff), an uncertainty of 3m is usually attributed to it as a sea level indicator.

If the inner margin is masked by subsequent marine or continental deposition, it is evidenced by a break in slope, and the uncertainty associated to the past sea level is higher.In the fossil record, the aragonite skeletons of fossil animals like this are generally redissolved by rain or ground water and replaced with calcite, an alternate form of calcium carbonate.One lump of brownish calcite is visible just above and to the left of my thumb.When shelly organisms grow, many types lay down bands of new growth in a way that regularly reflects the passage of time: for example, laying down one growth band per day (as many corals do), or one growth band every low tide, as mussels do.Some corals lay down distinct bands of skeletal calcium carbonate on a daily basis and also display seasonal patterns, so that they keep count both of days and of years.In the same way, mussels deposit their growth bands every low tide, but also show variations according to the phase of the moon, so that they keep count both of low tides and of lunar months.