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On a bookshelf behind him sits a Michael Jackson figurine and a vase holding a single, wilting red rose.He’s been holing up here since his release from prison on May 5, trying to adjust to life after 17 years on the inside. The 48-year-old says he didn’t know how to turn on a computer at first, and he’s still coming to grips with texting.“I need you to help me with something,” says Michael Alig, somewhat sheepishly.

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We need online dating to remove barriers to communication, instead of constructing them. We need to like the look of someone's face before we decide to go any further.

The founders of Tinder are a fixture in any "30 Under 30" list. According to Forbes, over 30 million people have registered globally, and they collectively go through 14,000 matches per second.

The online dating industry has been rapidly growing and evolving for over a decade, but it took Tinder to turn it on its head and open it up to millions by gamifying it.

Tinder is now a verb, a recognised bar activity and a household name, so we all know how it works – it syncs with your Facebook account, and links you with other users based on your location, so you can look at potentially millions of profiles from your smartphone. If they swipe right too, you can message, meet and fall in love.

The atmosphere was tense and Nardone was furious, three former employees said, because his COO, Emerson Osmond, had gone behind his back.

Specifically, he was angry because Osmond had told Nardone's personal assistant not to order tents for the office that would allow staff to sleep by their desks and work around the clock to get Fling back onto the App Store, a former employee told Business Insider.But the overwhelming majority of us are looking for a fast fuck.To be less crude, it's as if the internet finally figured out what we already knew.The baguette, believed to be prosciutto ham, narrowly missed and collided with a glass window above his head.The event was described to Business Insider by four former employees.In the lead-up to the incident, Fling — a social media app that raised million (£17 million) from investors — had become inundated with explicit photos.