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, which they'd first recorded during their brief pop career in 1994. Their humour is brilliantly puerile, but never mean. They were filmed crying with laughter as the obliging X Factor judge pretended to phone Dannii Minogue using a banana taken from a fruit bowl at his house while an unsuspecting workman looked on bemused. Dec told presenter Kirsty Young, 'We couldn't comprehend how it was allowed to happen.Last month they were awarded a special Landmark Award for 25 years in showbusiness and enjoyed tributes from Prince Charles, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and Bruce Forsyth. They tell silly stories about nicking cutlery from a posh Indian restaurant (Ant once filled Dec's jacket pockets with an entire table's worth, making the owner so furious he called the police), winding one another up with clingfilm on loos, wigs left on pillows to suggest they have a woman in bed with them and drinking a bit too much before trying to make each other laugh on air during I'm A Celebrity, which they've presented from Australia since 2002.'We have to get up at 1.30 in the morning to look at the overnight footage and be in the studio by 7am, so we really should be in bed by 7pm, though we have been known to push it to 9.30, or even ten.' Or perhaps skip the sleep bit completely? If it had been the end I don't think we could have had many complaints.'After Takeaway, they're up to their eyes in BGT - they're already midway through the auditions.So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating.

It was so unforgettable and so ingeniously that made me give him my heart. I use this service for several months and sometimes there were some site failures. While working on a prestigious job as a financier, I have my own apartment and a car, so I am quite capable of providing all the necessary by myself!I am so happy and have no words that could describe my feelings. I just want to find that one, who will love me for real and will be my soulmate…By elementary school, they are getting homework links online and know how to search the internet to spell a word, instead of using the dictionary. While TV addiction is still a concern to me as a parent- it is the multitude of screen related activities that kids utilize in their free time that has got my parental panties in a wad.Here's an example of a typical afternoon for a tween or teen: watch a few stupid shows on Disney channel, go online to check emails and hang out of Facebook, IM a few friends online, join a chat, listen to tunes and scan a few websites.From a very early age, the world of TV, computers and cell phones have become cultural norms.

Toddlers get hooked on PBS, can manipulate a mouse like breathing air, and can work the 'aps' on an i Phone better than we can.

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In fact, kids ages 8-18 spend an average of seven and-a-half hours a day with various devices. Many kids send and receive hundreds of texts per week, with no end in sight.

In fact, their ability to multi-task simultaneously with multiple media truly boggles the mind. My four kids constantly fight over the computer in our living room.

(For the record, Ant is taller, has amazing curvy black eyebrows and long lashes like a cow. Both are 38, but look about 18.) 'It feels odd if I go on the other side,' adds Dec. Or driving to work - Joe, our driver, takes us everywhere and we always sit this way round in the back. ' They've won three BAFTAs, 25 National Television Awards - including 13 consecutive Most Popular Entertainment Presenter Awards - and have fronted so much, from I'm A Celebrity... to Britain's Got Talent, SM: TV to Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. We've always had at least an hour - though sometimes it's just a lie down,' says Dec. Takeaway is back this evening for its 11th series - there was a break between 20 following a scandal when viewers paid to take part in a phone-in competition which they had no chance of winning.