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It’s called Responsive Canvas technology, and it will allow you to brand your business like nobody’s business.

He said: 'I don't see all the attention as pressure.

I'm just a normal guy who loves to sing.'I'm just happy that people now want to listen to me.'It's been a big year for the star, who picked up the British Breakthrough Act and the Critics' Choice Award at the 2017 BRIT Awards.

The Skin singer will no doubt be an emotional wreck when his child is born as he previously admitted he's a cry baby.

According to the Daily Star, he said: 'I saw Aretha Franklin in concert and cried my eyes out when she sang Natural Woman.'Despite having one of the biggest songs of the last year on his hands with Human - which shifted 900,000 copies - the fame hasn't changed the humble star.

Because this stone was too soft to be used for building, people mined the stone to be burnt for lime and used it in mortar and plaster.

The quarry was opened from a one-meter (3.5 ft.) hole in the hard Nari surface above, and then was widened out to create the mine.Clearly thrilled to be in London promoting her album, the 36-year-old seemed beside herself to be on the show, chatting to Rochelle.So much so, she appeared to have forgotten that it was her wedding anniversary.One of the most obvious differences between amphitheaters and theaters is that an amphitheater makes an oval while a theater only makes a half circle.Eight hundred bell-shaped pits in the area are remains of ancient quarries, probably dating to the 4th-9th centuries AD.Confused, she said: 'Today is my anniversary, no tomorrow’s my anniversary, no...'Rochelle chimed in: 'No today is your anniversary.