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This situation could easily become a tragedy where you become upset.

is, in my view, the first and last book that you will ever need to read to truly understand the online dating scene.

Up until now, we have looked at ways to maximize your chances of success with women, but there is never a guarantee that you will always get the girl.Real life, unlike Hollywood, doesn't always end happy-ever-after. Just because you want a girl doesn't mean that she's best for you, or that you're best for her.Also, when you give him compliments he'll know that you mean it. While that strategy is certainly entertaining to watch, it doesn't usually get you very far.Show interest in more subtle ways, present a challenge.You have to wear the right shoes when you go on a date.

There are quite a few tried and true techniques for attracting men.

On the other hand, the man you're trying to attract could be the type of man who's been burned by one too many bitches.

In every attempt at getting a woman's attention, there is the possibility of rejection.

If you could get rid of this old problem - or even reduce it by 50%, wouldn't that be a wonderful, energy-freeing achievement?

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Don’t risk being laughed at by the people around you, or worse, your date.