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Checking every day seeing how they are and just having a best friend that you can really talk to."" Lynch has been vocal about her struggles with an eating disorder in the past and she copes with recovery as an adult. my mother said to me that I always had this kind of weird relationship with food and she was so glad to see that it has changed now.

It's about more than just keeping me healthy, it's about my ethics and beliefs.

In a custom vintage Shareen dress, Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, looked glamorous as she attended the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiere in November.The satin, backless dress fitted Evanna’s whimsical style perfectly, with an elegant ruffled back and subtle fishtail skirt.But our favourite fact about the 23-year-old is that she's dating one of her Potter co-stars.Evanna is going out with Robbie Jarvis, who played James Potter in the saga.But Lynch's new love is a "total meat-eater" which means they have to compromise when dining out. He really challenges me on these things and I have to think more.

I have certain rules like he's not allowed to eat baby animals when I'm around, so no lamb." It was never meant to be a "hey everyone, look at me! In fact, just three weeks ago, Robbie posted a throwback picture of the pair of them enjoying themselves in New Zealand where he reveals her influence had an impact on his eschewing meat and embracing a plant based diet.In time for the final film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, which was released in 2011, the actor was flattered when people were starting to realise he didn't look like nerdy Neville anymore.Matthew made quite an impact at the world premiere, and reflecting on the spectacle he told Attitude magazine: 'I was 21, I was like "yeah, this’ll be cool!Evanna Lynch attends the First look at The Forbidden Forest, a new permanent expansion, opening 31st March, at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London)Actress Evanna Lynch attends Universal Studios' "Wizarding World of Harry Potter Opening" at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 5, 2016 in Universal City, California.