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One would never know the hurt and pain she carries deep inside simply by looking at her.Taking a sip of her coffee, her fingers nervously tap the mug as she brings it to rest inches from her lips.She grabbed every educational opportunity life afforded her and ended up a brilliant pharmacist at Walgreens.With a sigh, she runs her finger under her eye in an attempt to stop the tears that are threatening to fall.Spouses normally receive Green Cards (permanent resident cards) faster than any applicants under the family-based Green Card category, especially if the spouse has been petitioned by a U. Here are some scenarios on how to go about filing for a Green Card application.

If the spouse is already in the United States, Form I-130 and Form I-485 could be filed at the same time. In case the spouse is still living outside the United States at the time that the National Visa Center (NVC) assigns the visa number, your petition and the visa number for the spouse will be sent by the NVC to the nearest consulate or embassy that has jurisdiction over the location of your spouse.As Ladydi said...they'd be sadly disappointed when it comes to child bearing!!! They'd know for sure how wicked bad American women are!! LOLHere's one I had once from a russian woman;"If you can't afford ticket there in canada,send money here, I will buy return trip ticketfor you,then send you the tickets so you can come see me! I can love someone from a distance or I can love someone close to me...Together with Form I-485, Adjustment of Status Form, you have to submit all the following documents: : All documents written in another language should have certified translations in English If you have undergone medical examination before your K nonimmigrant admission, you do not need to get another medical examination when you file your adjustment request, provided that: Even if you were not required to get a new medical examination, it is a must that you show evidence that you have received all the required vaccinations.If your vaccination record (DS 3025) was not completed and made part of the original medical examination report from overseas, you have to complete your vaccination report via a designated civil surgeon.You can also get a Green Card through a job, through refugee or asylum status and other means, as specified by the USCIS. If you are a fiancé(e), you can apply for a K-1 visa (K Nonimmigrant) (K-2 if with children) or a K-3 visa for foreign spouse. When the visa has been granted and the foreign fiancé(e) or spouse is already in the U. This is done so that you may apply for a Green Card and legally stay in the country.