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of all the alephs this one has the most appealing report, the intense intellectual stimulation and pages of written notes, it sounds perfect.

Also form a chemical standpoint how could this not be a winner? I am, however, keen on reading any reports on this substance since its been saught-after by many over the years and now it has finally materialized. Would one still be able to go about one's daily work (nothing serious just some reading and grading) you think?

It appears I AM a Brazilian Adventure is a book by Peter Fleming about his search for the lost Colonel Percy Fawcett in the Brazilian jungle.

Fawcett along with his son and another companion had disappeared while searching for the Lost City of Z in 1925.

the methyl group is always a favorite with phens (2C-D, DOM) 2C-T sounds a bit inconsistent, but i wouldent be half surprised if it tickled my fancy. I might trial that level to get it done so I can be ready for a larger dose come party time. I was not expecting much and did not get a knock you over the head trip.

And then Aleph looks like the porridge that was just right, the methyl group and then that warm sulfur. I'm feeling good still, I understand where the PIHKAL comment in the 5mg entry where the guy said afterward he felt empathetic/very nice.

I have suggested the purely physical, since it would be a very natural one with the primitive peoples.

The scheme is possible of interpretation on other planes, no doubt, but I have kept entirely to the Symbolic titles of the letters without using, for instance, their Yetziratic or Tarot Correspondences.

An idea that presented itself, thanks to me listening to my higher self ME.

The title of this blog used to be; Swastika – 396 – ABHA Kingdom – 1251 – Yin Yang – Greek KEY fret – ISIS – Saturnalia But after coming across today’s AHA regarding , it is probably best I start to zero in on that central idea called the Celestial Pole Star Alignment due to occur in 2017.

Fleming was working as literary editor for The Times when he answered a small ad asking for volunteers to join an expedition to find out what had happened to Fawcett.

The story of Fleming’s 1932 expedition is told in Brazilian Adventure. Percy Harrison Fawcett, a British surveyor, to a city that he thought existed in the jungle of the Mato Grosso region of Brazil.

V., I rested a moment from my labours on this my little book.